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MoF: Repeal PT RAPP Industrial Plantation Permit To Save Riau Forest
Friday, 12 February 2010 22:28


Pekanbaru, 12 Feb  2010 – around 50 environmentalist from Riau today are demanding Ministry of Forestry to withdraw PT RAPP Industrial Plantation  licenses because it threatening community life in Riau and contribute to global warming.

Those 50 activist came from 12 environment organization in Riau, national and international who concern and worried for Riau forest condition due to acceleration in deforestation either the threat for protected animal life caused by licenses for conversion that have been given by government without consideration of environment, social and economic aspect.

 “The newest report stated that Sumatera Tiger will be disappearing in the next 5 years become serious threat for protected animal life. As the consequences, Indonesia will be blame for its permit (Annual Working Plan) that has been issued which means allow the activities of forest destruction, the place where that animal live in,” said Hariansyah Usman, Coordinator Coalition To Stop Forest Destruction in Riau.

Peat Swamp Forest coverage in Riau Province in the year of 2002 is 2.280.198 ha, while in year of 2007 the rest is 1.603.008 ha. In average the loss of peat forest coverage in Riau province is around 135.438 ha and it happened because the government issued its licenses and law institution did not work well.

Beside that the program of 1 Man 1 Tree sent by government currently in order  to reduce carbon emission is the opposite with ongoing ‘conversion’ activities being conducted  groups of  APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Limited) in some forest  area in Riau. Now, around ten thousands inhabitants who live surround Kampar Peninsula and hundreds thousands inhabitants in Kepulauan Meranti District being threatened as their livelihood has been took over by company and other impact is  their land being threatened by abrasion.

 “ We request to MoF, Zulkifli Hasan to fix president image in international related to the promise to reduce carbon emission by withdraw PT RAPP Industrial Plantation licenses particularly in Kampar Peninsula and Kepulauan Meranti. Forest destruction in Kampar Peninsula and Kepulauan Meranti by PT RAPP is an evidence of deforestation activities which continuing produce carbon emission in Indonesia, “ said Hariansyah Usman who also Director of Walhi Riau.

Each conversion and peat land exploitation causes CO2 release that will pollute global environment due to the disturbance of water table (hydrology) system and eventually dry up the peat and easy to get burn. Considering the contribution of emission from peat forest to climate change, Indonesia is reported as the 3rd biggest CO2 producer in the world.

“The ability of peat forest to absorb carbon is 30 times compared to tropical forests that live on it. However its ability to absorb carbon in long term totally depends on the health of natural forest which covers it. To save environment and zero emission should be started from peat forest in Riau”, added Susanto Kurniawan, Coordinator Jikalahari.

Coalition To Stop Forest Destruction in Riau: Walhi Riau, Jikalahari, Scale up, Greenpeace SEA, Bahtera Alam, FGI-TI, Riau Mandiri, KPA Tiger, AMAR, Brimapala Sungkai, LBH Pekanbaru, KAR.
Contact Person:
Hariansyah Usman, Coordinator KAPHR/Direktur Walhi Riau : 081276699967
Susanto Kurniawan, Coordinator Jikalahari : 08127631775
Zamzami, Media Campaigner GP Asia Tenggara : 08117503918



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